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“This is the dress I wore on my wedding day!”

Kelly came into her photoshoot with a short and sparkly white dress she danced in on her wedding day in 2013. When she put it on, she was delighted.

Yes, the dress fit again after a 50 lb weight loss… which is huge. But it was the identity shift from then to now that made wearing it the second time around so special.

Before her wedding day, Kelly used the “classic” approach to losing weight…

  • Limit food groups (she gave up all gluten and most carbs in the process)
  • Increase calories burned (she was an avid runner)

Yes, this was effective at the time to reach a short term goal, but it certainly wasn’t sustainable.

Before long, injuries surfaced from running frequently without cross-training. Weight loss stalled. After having two kids, it seemed impossible to catch up.

I remember Kelly telling me “I know if I just cut out all gluten and started running again like I used to, I could get skinny again”.

Well, we did pretty much the exact opposite of that! We started by changing her habits and beliefs around fitness and nutrition to finally achieve lasting change.

Here’s what we did:

1. Prioritized STRONG Over Skinny

One of Kelly’s big reasons why she trains now is to be able to participate in family memories with her girls without feeling restricted by her injuries. We don’t centre her workouts around burning calories – we build strong muscles and joints through strength training, which not only keeps Kelly moving injury-free but also keeps her metabolism high so she sustains her weight loss

2. Shifted From Short-term Restriction To A Long Haul Nutrition Strategy

Kelly no longer perceives any food as good or bad. She can eat with her family without hesitation because she understands that all foods play a role in keeping her body strong and healthy.

Kelly was beautiful then and is beautiful now. What she learned about herself in the process of her weight loss journey is the deeper transformation.

She says “I didn’t think I was someone who would do a photoshoot. In the process of prepping for it, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and discovered new parts of myself. I’m now more confident and comfortable in my body.”

Seeing her transformation evolve over the years has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me as a coach. The process wasn’t linear (it never is) and there were certainly set-backs (there always are).

Kelly’s consistency and desire to level up to a better version of herself has led to her lasting results. I can’t wait to see the next steps with her unfold!

Your coach and friend,


50 lbs Down & Rocking Her Wedding Dress – Kelly’s Story