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Yoga pants, messy bun, my hubby’s T-Shirt: the Mom Uniform that I rocked every day.

In the first year after having my son 5 years ago, my days consisted of changing diapers, trying to keep the place tidy and feeding all day long. I was constantly tired, my daily mood was low and I was seriously out of shape.

Don’t get me wrong, my son was my world… but after the massive life change the first year postpartum brought, my own cup felt empty.

I didn’t feel my best but felt I had no other option, outside of restrictive dieting like I did before…which really wasn’t an option as a busy mom.

Sure I wanted more, but I thought average moms like me couldn’t actually look and feel good without sacrificing sanity, right?

It turns out I was wrong.

When I first started working with a coach and getting in shape after my son, I instantly felt the benefits: I was more confident wearing certain clothes, I had more energy, I had more purpose to my day overall.

I still never saw myself as “sexy” or worthy of a photoshoot. But over time, I warmed up to the idea and decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot. The experience was like no other, and I want to share with you those benefits I experienced.

1. The Day Is All About You

When I was younger, I did a couple of bikini competitions with the goal of reaching a dream come true physique and celebrating it. I know many others who also go into a show for similar reasons.

The thing is, you don’t really end up celebrating your own physique (unless you win).

The day is not actually about you… it’s about being compared to others. Now some people thrive off the competitive aspect, but that’s not me.

A shoot is simply a day to celebrate YOU. Your hard work comes together with photos accentuating your favourite looks, your best features and at your pace. You get your hair and makeup done on your own and feel like a queen all day.

2. It Gives A Snapshot Of Your Progress At This Moment In Time

I don’t want to give the wrong idea that a photoshoot is simply a Before & After situation. What about after the after?

The Fit Mom Master Class

Side note…this is where most coaches fail to provide guidance and support for their clients.

Think of a shoot as a snapshot of the progress you have made so far. You’re celebrating all the struggles, wins and (not so sexy sounding) consistency along the way.

Between your first shoot and the next one, you’ll level up your physique and document your new progress, and then the cycle repeats. There is no “end” – the journey is the reward.

3. Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone Makes You More Confident

Our minds actually avoid any change to our comfort levels by creating reasons why breaking typical patterns is a bad idea.

“I can’t do a shoot. My family will judge me”

“Moms my age can never wear sexy outfits… it looks like I’m trying to act younger”

Your mind will find reasons to confirm these thoughts which are not actually rooted in reality.

The truth is a photoshoot will be an out-of-this-world experience and you’ll feel more accomplished than ever after trudging through the discomfort. To get to this extraordinary feeling you have to push your limits and there’s no way around that.

After combatting those self-limiting beliefs, you’ll feel more confident than ever to do the impossible in all areas of your life.

4. Helps You Regain Your Identity Outside Motherhood

When I mentioned my mom bun and sweats, you probably nodded your head thinking “that’s me!”.

Sure, mom life is full of sweat pants and wiping bums and boogers. That’s all in a day’s work.

But before you were a mom you were someone, and that someone matters.

Reconnecting to your womanly side outside of motherhood helps you hang on to the other important parts of your identity. A shoot is a time when you get your hair and makeup done, put on your favourite outfits, and celebrate your feminine features. No kids, no mom duties.

5. You’ll Inspire Others & Create A Ripple Effect Of Positive Change

Most women I speak with don’t think of themselves as inspirational, even though they have reached some incredible goals and have surely influenced others to do the same.

We are too humble sometimes. But seriously… you don’t realize the positive effects simply sharing your journey can have on others.

You work hard, do a professional shoot, and post about your accomplishments with pride. Suddenly your friends (who were wondering why you never hit the bar with them anymore) are in awe of your physical transformation and lifestyle change. They see you went from shy and reserved to confident and powerful. They wonder how you did it.

Now they begin their own journey by doing a few of your workouts. And they experience all those wins you did… more energy, more confidence, an improved sense of self.

That’s just one person. And the cycle continues with them.

Never underestimate the power of sharing your wins and being open-hearted about your struggles.

By the way, it’s perfectly okay and normal to be nervous and have doubts. That’s a part of the process. That’s why prepping for a shoot properly always requires the attention and trained eye of a qualified coach.

If you’re thinking of biting the bullet to do a photoshoot but aren’t sure where to start, you can link me up right here and we’ll come up with a game plan.

Your coach and friend,


5 Reasons You Should Do A Professional Fitness Photoshoot
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