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Natassia front (3)

Natassia's Story

Natassia submitted her recent progress pics shortly before her wedding and my jaw just dropped.

I’m beyond proud of the hard work and dedication she’s put in, but most of all her consistency over the years. She is a great example of someone who not only looks good but moves well and enjoys life in the process. Natassia was one of my first training clients back when I started my own business in 2017. She was already health-minded, eating organic food and doing frequent group classes.

In other words, she was 100% down to execute the work at hand but unfortunately what she was doing wasn’t producing the results she wanted.

We began with a structured resistance training program and nutrition strategy geared around protein and high volume foods (you know…the usual suspects).

Natassia did her first photoshoot with Dave Laus a couple years into her journey and captured her hard work through her images.

But here’s the big game changer - Natassia didn’t just stop there. In fact she always has the next goal and phase in mind.

Since her first photoshoot, Natassia has: ✔️ Stuck diligently to her reverse diet ✔️ Built her maintenance calories up to 2000+ (at 123 lbs body weight 😯) ✔️ Done various advanced training phases, from calisthenics, to high volume bodybuilding, to power focussed, and everything in between.

There have been trips and weekends away in between but Natassia always came right back to her plan without skipping a beat.

And that’s it… the secret sauce. Put in the reps and then put them in some more.

Huge congrats to this stunning bride and one very dedicated athlete.

Sofia's Story

Sofia started with me while she was on her mat leave with her youngest.

Her initial goal 👉🏻 “Tijana I just want to get out of the Mom Zone and do something for me”.

Sofia obviously crushed her transformation, looking phenomenal with her body re-comp… but make no mistake, there were less than ideal conditions and obstacles along the way:

- Working out with the littles around (and having to start and stop) - Having to break up workouts or skip some entirely - Navigating kids being sick or just life happening

The real game changer was that Sofia was focused on the outcome more than the obstacles (one of the 5 key factors to Client Success that I tell everyone on on our very first call).

Take home message: just take action…and don’t worry about doing it perfectly.

Consistency most of the time trumps perfection some of the time, and Sofia is a perfect example of that in action.

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