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These programs can be done on your own time and for a fraction of the price of one-on-one training. There are different types of programs based on your goals and needs – choose the one that is best for you.



Intermediate to Advanced

Being low on time doesn’t need to be an excuse when it comes to getting great results. With a little space, a few minutes and a resistance band, you can condition all your major muscle groups and work up a sweat.

All you will need:

  • 1 medium to heavy duty resistance band
  • 15-20 minutes of time 3 days per week



NOTE: This program is best for intermediate to advanced levels of fitness (NOT suitable for new mothers who have not been checked by a pelvic floor physiotherapist)



Intermediate to Advanced

Rev up your metabolism, lose fat and feel energized with this 2 week program. HIIT, or high intensity interval training, is a style of cardio training involving short bursts of very intense exercise followed by a short recovery.

Each workout is done with 0 equipment – just your own body weight. Best of all, the workouts are all under 20 minutes (including the warm up)!

With your purchase, you get:

  • An instant download of the program file along with videos of each exercise
  • 8 unique workouts!
  • A meal plan guideline to help ensure you get optimal results
  • Constant email support


Price: $29 + HST

Note: Please read the “WELCOME TO HIIT AT HOME” attachment first for full instructions after your purchase.