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For many of us, it is not possible to do training sessions in person. This is where online training comes in with a slew of benefits.


Advantages of training online:

– You can do your workout whenever suits you best; no need to schedule a session.

– Workouts are customized to your fitness level, individual wants and needs, and take into account what is best for your body. This is not like doing any workout online; it is a workout plan that is created with you in mind.

– Videos in a downloadable app show easy to follow exercises with video descriptions, and reps/sets/tempo

– Pay a fraction of the cost of one-on-one!


What can you expect from me as your trainer?

– A fitness assessment (via video and online form) which will show me your posture, mobility and flexibility, strength and form. This is crucial to creating a safe and effective program.

– A periodized program designed to reach your goals in a structured and timely manner. Your big goal is in mind and smaller goals are reached along the way. Periodization is crucial to prevent hitting a plateau and improving in all aspects of fitness.

– Continuous email or phone support is provided. Your safety is my number one concern; I welcome any questions regarding your program, and I am happy to clear up anything about the exercises.

– A meal plan and nutritional guidance will be given to you that is customized for your needs.

Online Training (monthly payments)

After performing your initial assessment, discussing your goals and assessing your current fitness level via our intake forms and videos, I will create a program suited for your individual needs.

It takes time and consistency to see real, long lasting results. It is not about a “quick fix”; this is about changing your lifestyle forever and improving your health. Because of this, a minimum of *three months commitment is required.

After your purchase, you will be contacted by me within 24 hours with your login details where you can access your assessment info and intake forms. From there, I will create your program.

Price: $199/month + HST

Should you wish to stop training after three months, 30 days notice is required to stop payments.


Have questions? Take a look at my Online Training FAQ page!

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